What Many Don’t Know About Stockholm


When I think about a taxi driver I think about a over-educated, under paid, grumpy driver, angry with the economy for not letting him use his education.

Planning to visit Stockholm during the winter months is also great since you can then go ice skating in Kungstradgarden Park also for free! Ice skating is a national pastime in Stockholm but if you want to visit Stockholm during the summer months, there are also 2 free beaches in Stockholm. Langholmsbadet and Smedsuddsbadet, both are very popular with beach goers and sun bathers so make sure to come early, the beachers can get really crowded.

Let yourself be quiet long enough for your body to register how the visualization of each of your scenarios affects you on a physical level. Is Conference near Stockholm your heart rate constant? Do you have a spontaneous smile on your face? Or do you feel a sense of tension in your chest. Are your hand and feet suddenly cold? Your rational mind can try to convince you that this goal or that project is right for you, but your body doesn’t – can’t! – lie!

We first meet Vicky in “Borrower of the Night”. She is teaching History in a small Midwestern college and dating Tony who doesn’t believe that she really doesn’t want to get married. He decides that he has to prove his intellectual superiority in order to win her and proposes a contest to find a missing piece of medieval art. So off they go to an old German castle, he to impress her with his superior brain and she to bring him down a peg. But they aren’t the only ones looking for treasure and the game quickly turns dangerous.

If Renaissance buildings and medieval charm is right up your alley, visit Gamla which is both charming and elegant. You will enjoy not only the charm of that era but also the small winding streets which are safe to walk along even up till midnight in summer day light hours. Their pastel like charm will both charm and uplift you as you carry on about your day.

When we exited the river boat near our cruise ship and the entrance to the Baltic, we encountered one of the great finds and delights of the trip, the resort village of Warnemunde which belongs to Rostock. Along a canal parallel to the river is the delightful town with promenades full of sidewalk cafes, restaurants, bars, and clothing stores.

Every modern city has negative aspects. Too much traffic, pollution, drunks, criminals … I don’t believe a city built by humans will ever become perfect. But compared to other capitals, Stockholm comes very close.