Vets Say Dogs Healthier Due To Commercial Dog Food


If you are looking for the best dog food that can protect your dog there are wide variety of food that you can find on internet as well as at your physical stores. Iams Premium Protection dog food is by name a protection for your dog at each and every stage of their life. It is specially designed to protect your dog throughout and it is a must have for your pet.

One of the best things to look for in a dog food is that it is made from “human grade” meat ingredients. Simply put, “human grade” meat used in the dog food could have been served to someone in a restaurant. Most “cheaper” commercial foods, and some of the more expensive ones, do not use meat that was meant for human consumption. If you wouldn’t eat it, why feed it to your best friend?

The beauty about this holistic Pet food extruder processing line is it can be fed to puppies that are ready for some real food. It will depend on the breed and age of the puppy. The recommendation is to feed about twice the amount to the puppies than the adult dog. The dog should eat between three to four cans a day based on their body weight. So, every fifteen pounds, a dog should have one can for breakfast and one for dinner. The dog or puppy should of course have plenty of water to drink when eating.

Commercial, homemade cooked or raw Pet food extruder? That depends on the individual as well as their dogs. If you truly have a very busy lifestyle, you may not have the time to cook the food for your dog. As such, it may be more convenient for you to feed your dog with the raw stuff. However some dogs may have a weaker stomach and may not be able to take their food raw. To let their dog’s system get used to it, I provide my dogs with cooked food first and then slowly transition them to raw dog food.

Some breeds, such as German Shepherds, are more active than others. This means they are susceptible to muscular problems caused by free radicals. If you have a large, active German Shepherd, you may want to check out the special German Shepherd 24 formula, which contains antioxidants such as Vitamin E that support cellular health.

In many cases, the dog’s allergy may be caused by way of preparing a dish. If the dog is being fed table food, the coagulated proteins and spices and oils used in cooking may be the allergens for the dog. In this case, you may try to make a transition from feeding a dog cooked food to feeding him with raw meat. Raw meat will be the natural food of dogs when they were not domesticated. You may consult your vet for advice if this is favorable for your dog.

If your pet needs to lose weight, consider choosing a dog food that offers a weight loss formula. Gradually change your dog’s diet. Begin by slowly mixing in the new food with the old. A sudden change in diet could cause your dog to have digestive problems. A gradual changing of the food will allow his stomach to adjust to the new food. When the change is complete, your dog will be on his way to losing weight. Ask your dog’s veterinarian for more information on how you can help your dog lose weight. Diet and exercise will be key to getting him where he needs to be.