Versace’s Bright Crystal Perfume


We all want to make the best impression when going on an interview. Most likely the first impression you give off will be based on your appearance. Even if the job you are applying for is a casual one, it’s best to dress professionally in order to make the best impression. You want to show you are serious about the job. When dressing for your interview, think conservative. This doesn’t just involve clothing and make-up. The amount and the kind of perfume you wear may make a difference in the impression you make.

Don’t feel like you are not being yourself if your work clothes are completely different from your street clothes. They should be different. There is a time and a place for everything. After work, feel free to put on your dangly jewelry and high heels and spray yourself with your exotic and sexy Parfum Canada. But at work, you don’t want to attract this kind of attention, and definitely not at an interview. You want to come off as serious. Don’t think about how to appear attractive, think more about how to present yourself as neat, serious and professional.

Kara says-I wear perfume so I can smell nice and if someone smells my scent of perfume somewhere else, they will think of me. I sweat a lot so it makes me feel better knowing that I don’t smell like sweat, I smell like perfume. Also my mother buys me new perfume every Christmas.

Denise says -I have been wearing perfume for some time now. The reason I wear it is because it makes me feel good about myself and I always get compliments. People often ask me what kind of perfume are you wearing? It smells good on you.

Now, you might wonder just why it is that you can find cheap perfume bottles by high end designers while there are still full priced ones being sold in expensive department stores. You have to remember that there are people out there who enjoy spending as much money as possible. They simply have enough of it to blow. If you are not someone that has more money than you know what to do with, then you might want to make sure that you are finding the best deals possible for the designer perfumes you want.

There are times that people are running out of time. For this, they immediately wear their clothes without drying the perfume. You should allow your perfume to dry. If not, your cloth may rub the perfume if left wet.

The question of whether or not to wear perfume to work is one that is not easily answered. It falls right in the category of other office style issues such as whether it’s acceptable to not wear pantyhose or if it’s fine to wear open-toed shoes in warmer weather. Funnily enough, the perfume issue is one that applies to people on both sides of the gender fence.

There is another reason why many people are choosing to make their own perfume or cologne. Pure essential oils, which are in most perfume, have many healing and holistic properties such as promoting relaxation, relieving stress, etc. By making their own perfume with essential oils, they’re getting the best of both worlds. They’re smelling great and using healthful oils on their body or their family member’s bodies. Consider the choices and reasons and you may soon join the many that are making their own perfume!