The First Step In Taking Care Of Aging Parents


Both my husband and I have been dealing with issues surrounding our elderly parents. Maybe by me expressing our experiences, it will help other people to sort out their feelings and choices and maybe lessen the guilt factor a bit.

Let’s say you really have looked at every hospital, every nursing home, every Memory Care Communities Dallas TX center in your area, and there are NO jobs. You have a decision to make. I tell my own kids this all the time: you can either choose where you want to live, and then work at whatever you like best that is available there, or you can choose what you’d love to do, and then go wherever you have to in order to do it. It’s just that simple. With a career in nursing, If you wait long enough and are willing to do what it takes at first (probably not too long, but be ready for a year or so), you’ll probably be able to have BOTH.

Why would any care facility even consider this? Because a new resident brings in anything from a minimum of $30,000 a year and upwards. Because distressed confused residents have a high fall risk in their first two weeks. And a 20 percent death rate in their first two months. Because it’s the right thing to do.

No Down Payment, First Month Free – Read the fine print on these claims. These offers sound fabulous, but remember, this is a business: If they cut costs off the top, they must make it up somewhere else. Are there extra fees as the level of care changes? Find out how the pricing structure changes as the need for care increases. If your loved one requires help with medication, dressing, bathing, and other daily needs, you may be charged extra.

The less a person has in their life, the more extravagant the stories they invent. In care facilities, old ladies will tell you they were married seven times and had 21 children, though they were married once and have one daughter who never visits.

Games are good – Schedule a weekly game night for mind stimulation combined with fun with your family and/or friends. Get a few friends together once a week and you will find that by making this mental work out social, your spirits will improve alongside your memory. Board games like Scrabble, Chess and Boggle require a great deal of mind activity – making them ideal for memory improvement!

Cutting back on activities does not mean you eliminate all of them. The Alzheimer’s Association says activities can “enhance a person’s sense of dignity and self-esteem.” Keep the activities your loved one enjoys most and continue them as long as possible. Your reward will be a smile.