The 7 Schools Of Feng Shui


The practical application of Feng Shui interior design in every room of your home can have an influence on helping with the creation of your wealth and abundance in terms of your prosperity. (By the way wealth and abundance is not just money it is wealth and abundance in every aspect of your life from friends, family and career).

Dr. Valenzi provided me with a natural looking upper denture and lower partial. Within a week I was able to eat foods I hadn’t been able to enjoy for years. Better yet, I can flash my pearly whites and offer a genuine smile to anyone who needs one.

If this makes no sense, no worries. But I will assure you, your goal on this planet is not to obtain more information or gain more rules. We are here to undo and un-know and un-learn EVERYTHING. Our true test, and the hardest one, is to merge back to the place where we started like a child, when everything was alive, new, connected, and loving. Put down the Feng Shui Items for Good Luck books, the rules you’ve learned and all that you know. Walk into your home today as if you’d never seen it before. Open your eyes. Open your heart. Empty your mind. Then tell me what you see… And even more importantly, tell me what you FEEL.

But many pieces are lost forever. And some pieces are only partially intact, like a jigsaw piece that has been chewed on by a dog or was mangled in a washing machine. This is not an feng shui items easy jigsaw to assemble. And where are we to find the pieces? They are well hidden in books like the Torah, the Bible, in places like the pyramids of Egypt, the temples of Tibet, the vaults of the Vatican, and in objects such as the crystal skull and the Holy Grail.

Try to remember who sold you your house? Or who live there before you? Was it a happy family? Singles? Couples who got divorces? If you did not pay attention to those facts, most likely that some of their energies has some influence on your life. However, there is still a chance that things well get better, look at tip no 2.

A: I am not really a feminist from the point-of-view of the brain. Some people have a brain style where their happiness has to come through someone else. They can only feel good with a strong, protective person, usually a male. A woman like this needs close companionship to feel normal. To others this is irritating because of their circuits of arousal make them too emotionally porous. Another strong figure is too much information on their system. These women are compelled to do something rather than equalize their internal emotions. So the presence of a protective male figure is very destabilizing for their life.

Feng Shui will help you in growing to greater heights and will bring balance and harmony in your life. So the next time you want to increase productivity, try to achieve a Feng Shui office.