Reasons Why You Should Have Your New Home Inspected


After you have the home you wish to buy inspected by a professional home inspector, you probably think that you are in the clear. Although home inspections can reveal obvious problems with your future home, a home inspection is a cursory inspection at best. As a new home owner, you will probably face a few problems when you move in. If you anticipate some of these problems, however, you will be able to handle these challenges. Home ownership can be difficult when things go wrong, but the rewards of owning your own home far outweigh the negative aspects of home ownership.

It takes a while to get your home inspection business going. No one wants to the first one to give your services a try. Understandable. To get you home inspection business going you will need to learn how to market yourself. This is not taught well in the programs I have seen.

Over the years I had the “pleasure” of hiring several home inspectors. home inspector Palm Springs CA are about $300-$500. A good home inspector will give you a copy of his inspection. A professional home inspector will have an inspection check list that you can follow. There will be categories with questions that the inspector will check off and he may have a place under each section where he writes his notes.

In my most recent home purchase, I actually found the house I want, my agent let me in to check it out, and then he coordinated all the steps from making the offer to following through on the deal. We close at the end of this month. It has been a fairly painless process so far (marred only by writing other checks in addition to my down payment, such as home inspections).

Our office offers a free home inspection (as part of a bundle package) because we believe that we haven’t done the best job for you without one. It’s far too important to ignore…or just hope for the best!

When making offers on homes, you should be as specific as possible. Don’t assume that things like appliances are included, unless that is part of your offer. Offers on homes may include furniture, fixtures and appliances. Of course, the seller has the right to refuse or make a counter offer. But anything from built-in shelves, curtains, or the sofa may be included in your offers on homes for sale. This is an area that may lead to counter offers as both sides work out what is acceptable.

When looking at getting a new roof installed remember to contact a home inspector to double check the work to help guarantee that you get the quality you deserve.