Property Investments In Pattaya And Off Plan Projects


Afraid you don’t have enough flair for decorating to stage homes? This could be because of those decorating shows and magazines which feature photos of rooms adorned with strategically placed fruit and seashells. Don’t let something like this stop you from pursuing a career in home staging. While photos of rooms decorated like that might sell magazines, those tactics will not help sell a property. In fact, I like to call these decorative touches “silly staging tricks” and here’s why.

First, from the photos, it lacked personality. It was too vanilla and it was sadly, boring! The walls were an off-white and the furnishings were property staging also very neutral off-white bone beige…there was no color! The master bedroom, one of the most important rooms in the house, was starving for some pizazz.

You want the same to be true of the message that your buyers get from the moment they lay eyes on your property at the curb and continue throughout as they tour the home’s interior and beyond. It should all be complimentary.

If your rental show home staging has no tenants, you’re not making any money. Not only do you have to find people who want to rent your property, you also have to make sure that the potential renter is suitable to rent your property. Property management companies will do the advertising and marketing for you to pull in potential renters. Once they have people interested, they will screen the potential tenants and run the necessary credit and background checks to make sure that they will be able to pay their rent. They will be the ones to deal with the tenants.

The Real Estate Staging Association also showed a different data to prove the effectivity of home staging. Based on their 2008 studies, previously un-staged homes that were showcased and re-listed sold at an average of 28 days. Homes that were previous not listed but were staged before selling, were sold with an average of 33 days.

Since you have no way of knowing when potential buyers might show up, you ought to keep the entrance to your property clean all the time. Keeping your garden tidy is the safest way of making sure you aren’t caught off guard. Check for weeds on your lawn and garden and remove them, they can grow overnight so it’s important that you check for them on a daily basis. Sealing off cracks on your walkways prevents weeds from growing in them. Make sure your sidewalk and driveway is swept neatly. In addition, have your garbage collected early in the morning to avoid piling them up during the day, creating an unpleasant sight.

Looking for the right company to work is another thing that you should read more about. There are several factors that rental property owners should consider when choosing the company that would oversee the operation of their property including expertise and experience. If you are very serious about making the most out of your investment, you should consider the benefits listed above and start looking for the right company to entrust your investment to.