Playing The Guitar – The Shrek Song (Hallelujah), Background And Basic Chords


Looking for animation soundtracks can be a daunting task. The studios don’t release soundtracks for their television animation, and trying to find stuff from years ago can be almost impossible. Thank God for the existence of inspired compilations. These compilations give us cartoon music fans the outlet we need. One such outlet is “Saturday Morning: Cartoons Greatest Hits”.

There are actually different kinds of music created for motion picture. One is the underscore or also known as the background music score. There is also the original recording and the music that is specifically composed only for a particular movie. All of these are used soundtrack in movies and recordings. Afterward, it is subject to contracts as well as royalties that make it exclusive for the company.

Jay Gordon- ‘Slept So Long’ – From the soundtrack of Queen of the Damned, I could have sworn this song was made for that movie. The lyrics are entirely vampiric and sound exactly what Lestat might be singing to his maker. I really like this song for the slow and purposeful drums and the growly voice of the vocalist because both make the song just that more awesome.

At the root of so many of the problems which afflict black men is self-love. From self-love comes self-respect. From self-respect comes honor and pride in who you are; not what you do or how much money you make. Self-love and self-worth are delicately intertwined.

Unlike black women who benefit from the mental and emotional support of girlfriends, relatives, networks, or even co-workers, black men tend to be isolated – personally and professionally. On the surface, it would appear that black men are the kings of the jungle giving “pounds,” handshakes, and random hugs to random people. To any onlooker it would appear that they know everyone.

Your favorite singer – At times, a favorite singer, especially if this has been his or her favorite singer for a very long time, they may include a song or two that they find truly romantic.

L.L. is a master of the Hip-Hop love song. First of all, as his name indicates, Cool J gets much love from the ladies. But he lived up to their appeal and developed a reputation for writing and performing romantic, heartfelt songs about love and relationships. The lyrics to many of L.L.’s love songs could have been sung as R&B songs by Marvin Gaye or Luther Vandross without any reservation. L.L. knows how to make the kind of songs that will have mass appeal to the ladies regardless of race, age or geography.

Linkin Park have close ties to Stephenie Meyers’ playlists and they are mentioned as a band Bella listens to in the books, which was the main reason for picking the band for the soundtrack.