How To Guest Blog For Backlinks


You have written a book and published it…now what? Book promotion is the biggest challenge for authors. Many authors who have little background in marketing or business find the sales end of writing a challenge. Whether your book is self-published or not, sales generation is largely up to the author. An affordable and easy way to do this is by conducting a blog tour, a planned series of reviews, interviews and guest blog posts on several book blogs. But where does an author begin? I recently sat down with book promoter, Samantha Robey, for answers.

Twitter – Track down the latest breaking news in your music scene and become the best source of music information for your fans. Also let your followers know about your own music once in a while.

Then there are all my other writing projects – articles, press releases, sales pages, shopping cart copy, speaker sheets, program materials, informational products, bios, video and audio scripts, website copy, reports, author resource boxes, autoresponder sequences, guest posting service, signature talks. The list goes on.

C. Be sure some of your tweets and social media posts are quick time management tips. And of course you will be letting your social media friends know about the class itself.

The main thing when you start your business is to set it up as simply and quickly as possible so you can move on to actually doing business. You can tweak it later. It just has to be good enough. If you are in the backroom all the time, trying to make it perfect, you’ll never actually have a business.

My next book, Ex Appeal, from The Wild Rose Press’ Wilder Roses, is coming out next Friday. So far I have a pretty good list of great reviewers I’ve met on Twitter who are all willing to review my book. Some I approached. Some approached me. But as we all know, reviews are golden in getting your book out there. I’ve seen this work for some of my friends, too. There are so many wonderful reviewers out there who take the time to try to find the next gem in a haystack, and they want your book! All you have to do is be visible and friendly and do a little legwork to see which reviewers like your kind of material.

People are already looking for quality information about their favourite music so you need to plant yourself in front of those fans and then attract them back to your own website.

As previously discussed, starting a blog may appear relatively easy. Having an interesting subject for your blog is a good first step. Soon, though, you see that you need to make some decisions and develop a real plan. Using the information above, you should be better prepared to take on the challenge of building a blog.