How To Create A Jewelry Store Online


Have you ever seen a lady walk by any jewelry shop without having a second look at the display window of the shop? Just mention Gold Jewelry to any lady and she would love to talk for hours about her collection. Women and jewelry are closely interconnected with each other. Gold jewelry is an asset and a means to enhance the look and beauty of women. In many countries, jewelry was traditionally given as a gift to the bride during the wedding. The purpose behind this ritual was primarily to ensure that the bride would start her life with a strong monetary support. She can and usually uses this asset during periods of crisis and only during such crisis. Ask any bride during any normal visit whether she would like to sell her gold jewelry and the answer would be a positive NO.

Maybe you like to try out different looks you see in magazines. You might like the accessories that celebrities wear. With fashion 求婚戒指, you can get those same great looks and still stick to your budget.

The term you often hear is “Packaging Sells”. So while your jewelry is not “packaged” it can be indirectly packaged by using the proper jewelry displays. Jewelry displays range from simple cardboard easel necklace displays to showcases to even using jewelry boxes as a way to display. I once came across a jewelry dealer at a flea market. He had a very basic operation, laying his jewelry on a table covered with a black tablecloth. All day long hundreds of people passed by and few stopped. He complained how bad business was, that nobody was buying and that he just might quit the markets forever.

The first to start with is the cut of the diamond. This is not the shape of the diamond, like princess, pear or round, but rather the brilliance or its reflective nature. The way a diamond is cut, the angles and the way it is finished is what makes it reflect more light and sparkle.

Using our illustration of the 2.5 carat diamond for $3575, you can see in the photo and on the certificate that the Clarity grade is I2-I3 (very low), so the great price makes sense. If it was listed as a VS Clarity diamond, the price would simply be too good to be true. The wholesale cost on a 2 carat VS Clarity diamond would be about $12,000.

Blemishes and marks can make a persona special and their own person. For diamond engagement rings, blemishes and flaws are not something to be desired. For diamond quality you want diamond clarity and this means a grade level of FL which stands for flawless. Of course, FL diamonds are few and far between. Also considered excellent clarity are VVS and VS.

Carat weight is not the most important characteristic in determining a diamond’s value. Cut is far more important. So, look first for a diamond with an exquisite cut, then if it is the color you like and has acceptable clarity, you have found your engagement diamond.