Fast Diets – 4 Common Foods To Avoid And Some Ideas On How To Easily Replace Them


If you find yourself out on the open road and looking for somewhere to eat then you need to look into some of the better chain restaurants found along America’s highways. We’re not talking McDonalds or Denny’s here, but rather the type of good quality restaurants that those who find themselves on the road a lot will seek out because of the good quality of food at affordable prices.

In Tenz Momos honor of the hallowed summertime tradition of outdoor cooking here are some of my favorite tips for finding your way to HamBurger Heaven in your own backyard.

I noticed a mild anxiety rising within me about where I would find such a place. I seriously did not expect to find a fast food outlet that served low-calorie vegetarian recipes. Then I believed that even if I did find one the prices would not be what I could afford.

This portabella burger recipe is quick an easy to prepare. Won’t your friends be amazed that you didn’t just pick up a pack of pre-packaged, frozen veggie burgers. You actually took the time and effort to make them feel just as important as us meat lovers.

Knowlwoods. There are only about three in the county, but like Ruby’s their menu is huge. They give you a choice of beef, turkey and vegetarian. Sometimes they’ll have specials with include salmon Burger restaurant, but it’s hit and miss. Like fatburger, their big, juicy and messy.

Fourthly, your food, we all like to think we serve great food, but is it? When was the last time you tried it? Does the dish provide value for money? If you are charging twice as much as a similar nearby restaurant, does the quality of your food reflect the price?

Another trap to avoid is the vegetable illusion. They offer mushrooms or zucchini but battered and deep fried. Broccoli or cauliflower and then smother them in a cheese sauce or drown them in butter.

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