Do We Need To Wear A “Surgical Mask” To Prevent Swine Flu?


As people grow older, skin elasticity diminishes. A lot of people become less self-confident when they see signs of aging in their face. Wrinkles appear on the face and they can be treated with natural remedies. For people who cannot wait long enough to see these wrinkles and fine lines gone, they can undergo non-surgical skin tightening procedures that are not as difficult and expensive as surgical procedures.

If you truly want your mask to work, then you must wear it properly. Place it over your face and tie it properly. You do not want to have any gaps or holes anywhere around the masks’ edges. Such gaps can actually provide an easy access for bacteria or germs; note that the air that you inhaled will completely go around the filter of your mask.

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Don’t have any perfume handy? Try some good smelling lotion for the initial test. Although it won’t be as strong as will perfume, it’s only a test to prove to you what so many others already know. But you need to find out for yourself. After you have proven to yourself, that you not only felt more confident during your time out wearing a fragrance, but you found more people looking in your direction and possibly even talking to you, take the next step. Purchase your favorite , whether a floral, musky, woodsy, fruity, or sweet smell and be even MORE noticeable out there. Lotions may just not be enough to do the trick, but it’s a start if you are new to the world of fragrances.

Take it slow. There is no point in always cramming up as much work as you can in just one day. You are just putting yourself at risk of stress-related diseases and problems. Stress can actually enhance the production of harmful free radicals. These free radicals tend to attack healthy cells in the body resulting to an accelerated aging process. De-stress and spend some time doing the things that medical you love.

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If you don’t want to take chances, you can also get vaccinated against this flu and be virus free. This is particularly helpful for pregnant women and children, as they are the ones prone to getting this virus.

So what more could you ask for? All you need is just one cream to experience once again a smoother, softer and more even skin tone without a trace of wrinkle. It’s all in there!