Diamond Education: The 4 C’s


From the ancient times this tradition of wedding rings came into origin. If you look back at the past, that is during Roman and Greek Periods, they used simple ring such as woven rings. These rings were made out of olive leaves. This tradition has blossomed slowly today though it was practiced during Victorian ages. Rings for men were not included in this tradition during this period.

When you set out to buy rings, begin by assessing the occasion that the purchase is for. Knowing if you are searching for an engagement ring or just a casual one will help you focus on the right portion in the ring section of the store. If you are buying a ring for no special reason, you are free to look at almost any range and design, but if the purpose is proposing, celebrating an anniversary or even buying your teen age daughter her first piece of jewellery, then one needs to stay within certain boundaries.

You can choose a different mix of metals. Titanium has become very popular, as has stainless. You might find something a little different in these metals. They won’t be truly unique, but they won’t be common either. You can also choose from white gold, platinum, gold, sterling, and a host of mixes.

Men’s 訂婚戒指 are, in the eyes of some men, effeminate. “Real men” don’t wear rings or jewellery at all. This is becoming less of an issue as the wearing of a man’s wedding ring becomes more common, but is still an issue with many men.

Another popular choice is blue diamond rings. Rings that feature a blue diamond in the middle of two white diamonds can produce a very eye-catching piece of jewelry. These rings are often priced very reasonably in the $300 to $800 range. This is only one type of ring design and there are many more that produce a striking look.

Suppose you go to a jewelry shop and you are shown a diamond but you have doubt about its purity. Then don’t hesitate to question the shop-keeper about it. If you hesitate you will be the looser. The best way to examine the diamond is to view it through the 10X viewing loupe.

In Medieval households, families relied on herbal sachets made from fragrant flowers to keep themselves and their homes smelling good. Buy organza flower bags and fill them with your own unique potpourri. Potpourri can include dried orange slices, flower blossoms and cinnamon. Add essential oils to the potpourri and store it for a few days in a covered container. Ask your ladies in waiting to help you feel the bags with potpourri. Attach handwritten gift cards to the outside of the bags. Use a medieval style crest stamp to embellish your cards.