College Storage For The Summer


I’m what some may call a “neat freak,” but I always have the last laugh when I can find items in my room within five seconds and not fifty minutes. Being clean and organized will just make life easier in many situations. If you’re in dire need of self storage, it’s because you’ve let life accumulate and you’ve recognized that you need to de-clutter the home. That’s a good thing though because the first step is recognizing you have a mess on your hands.

When you’re trying to sell your home, the best thing to do is to go for the minimalist look! That means decluttering big time. But what do you do with all the extra stuff? A temperature controlled self storage irondale al unit is just the right answer. Your prospective buyers will be amazed at the look of your home and be much more likely to put in an offer – which means you’ll be able to move to your dream home much more quickly.

You will need to plan out what are the items you wish to store and know their dimensions and your method of storage. To maximise space, you should stack them as close as possible and make use of the wall space to hang smaller items.

How long are you intending to store the things? If you are intending for long term storage, use this as a bargain chip to negotiate for a lower rental cost. If it’s short term storage, it doesn’t really matter much.

A specialized crew can convert a 10,000 square foot building into an interior climate controlled self storage storage system in a matter of weeks, so the actual time required for the conversion may not be nearly as much as you think. This can happen for under $5 a square foot, including labor and materials, so your initial investment won’t break the bank.

Also, to control your humidity you do not need to set your air conditioning for 72 degrees which causes the unit to cycle on and off with little effect on humidity. This is more expensive. Instead, run your air conditioning continuously to lower the humidity by up to 65 percent which is an ideal range for self-storage. Humidity needs to be kept below 60 percent to prevent mold and mildew.

Which brings me to my last point: many units are filled with so much junk that I’m not surprised they get foreclosed. I suppose the renter just gets tired of paying to store useless stuff they don’t need and lets the unit go. Consider whether you really need all that excess stuff in the first place. If not, donate the usable items and take the rest to the dump, and you’ll save me the trouble of doing it for you!