Bathroom Remodeling Is A Treat


Great floors certainly add value to your home at resale time, but they also can build your borrowing power while you’re living there because they also affect the appraisal value and financing for a remodeling project.

I cut a piece of newspaper down to the size of the mirror and taped it on. Once I had the newspaper taped down, I decided to kill two birds with one stone. I used the paint striper to clean the dirt, grime and paint off the frame of the mirror all at once.

With the savings we had on our original plans, we were able to special order linoulum for the floor that day. While linolum is not in the trends of home remodeling today, it was what we decided to do with flooring for our bathroom. I will explain in another article how we came to this decision over the tiling we were looking at.

In most cases, a bathroom remodel Frisco TX ing project is not a DIY job. So, the next step is to find a reliable and experienced contractor for the job. Since plumbing lies at the heart of a bathroom remodel, make sure to employ someone who has the right credentials and experience. Before starting with the job, get a detailed inspection of the bathroom. Look for leaks or any other existing problems that may be set right while the remodeling takes place. If you’ve always wanted to green, here’s the chance!

Pick out bath items that are in vivid and primary colors. It is effortless for children to see these colors, plus they have more fun with them than they do with earthy tones or pastels (which are frequently seen in grown-up bathrooms). You should make it a point to put some accents in the room that will also help children, such as a step stool for them to be able to reach up to the sink, long handled fixtures and you can even consider a step for them to be able to reach the toilet.

In addition, you will need to decide on a color for the walls of your new bathroom. Keep in mind it is best to stick with neutral colors that will work with almost anything. This will offer a welcoming sense as soon as anyone walks in the bathroom. Another great thing you can do is check out new homes being built. This will allow you to get an idea of the latest trends in color schemes and stay up to date. However, if you aren’t planning on selling your home you should feel free to go with any color that you like.

Therefore, a better option is to refinish your existing tub. You have three options for refinishing. Option 1, you can have a liner installed over the tub. This liner, made of plastic, will cover your existing tub. It will cost around $1,000 to have it professionally installed. Plastic liners scratch easily, can crack, and can hold water underneath them if they ever leak.

Remember, the bathroom is an often overlooked, but very important room in a home. A bathroom that’s warm, inviting and well designed can provide the perfect private place to relax after a long day. From a soothing soak in a warm tub to a long, hot shower, the options for relaxing are fantastic. But, if the shower stall and bathroom environment are dark and dank, the chances for relaxation are slim.