Bachelor Degree – Accounting


We all know Busy Season is that work marathon that so many accountants run each spring to get their work done before taxes are due. To be able to compete in such prestigious marathons as the Boston Marathon, takes a great deal of training and you must be in peak physical form. But even to run the ‘Busy Season’ marathon, you must be in shape – both physically and mentally. And, number “crunching” does not count as an exercise.

There is no connection between profits and bank balance (or cash flows) – depreciation is one of several reasons for that. Depreciation is simply a book entry – it’s just a transfer between accounting statements.

All other assets will wear out or get “used up” somehow – a bit like your phone bill, but over a much longer time. Of course, when you buy a car, a bulldozer, a trawler or a computer, we don’t know how long you will keep each one. The best we can do, at the start, is to guess just how long it will remain productive for you. Accountants’ attitude is that an educated guess is better than nothing at all.

You might be the greatest person at getting things done personally. On the other hand, leading and managing is all about getting things done through others. Accept that if you are going to manage or lead you have to develop some new and different skills.

Those who attend traditional training courses just for CPD points can sometimes be bored as they are not necessarily interested in learning and developing, merely acquiring CPD hours.So some courses (obviously not my courses!) are full of both bored and therefore frustrated accountants.

Are you aware of all the implications of running a business? Do you know for example what the tax liabilities are for a business that earns over a certain amount? Do you know how to raise extra finance? If the answer to any of the above questions is no then you really need to employ an accountant. Today’s Accountants Camden are not merely book keepers or number crunchers; they offer other professional services that are geared to save you time and money. The tax system in this country can be fraught with difficulties; accountants are aware of tax laws and the implication s therein if you get your tax returns wrong. This in itself is worth the extra cost of employing an accountant to free you up from all the stress and worry. Administering accounts is time consuming and quite frankly tedious.

Second, are your emails in the same style as your letters? Unlikely. Which style do your most commercial clients prefer? Sure there’s a spectrum of styles. With a quick informal administrative email at one end of the spectrum and say, a letter to be included in a prospectus at the other end. But it’s likely that your clients would be happier if you wrote many of your letters in a style similar to the style you use in your more formal emails.

Builders. As part of our need to survive, we need to be protected by the elements and builders, be it architects, contractors, masons and carpenters are necessary occupations. These days, they are needed more than ever with the limited space and the growing populations present, they find solutions to keeping us safe and housed.