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Thrift stores became more popular after the opening of Ebay auctions. As resellers searched the market, the addiction of buying second hand, and saving a bundle spread like a contagious disease. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with shopping second hand. You can find some great deals at local thrift stores, yard sales, and flea markets across the nation. But, you really should avoid buying somethings second hand, after all there is no way of knowing where these items originated from.

You could just be aware of good deals. Many times you can find brand name merchandise in good condition at a Dallas thrift store. Why would you pay full price if you can get it just a little later at the thrift store for a few dollars?

After the 30 minutes is up, strain the herb tea into a medium sized bowl. Throw the used herbs on the compost pile or anywhere outside if you don’t have compost. Add the essential oil and stir vigorously. Then, add the castile soap or baby shampoo and stir gently until mixed.

There are some basic fabric materials and you need to make the no-sew ballerina costume for little girls. Head to any local fabric store or arts and crafts store. Or visit the sewing section of the local Wal-mart, Jo-Ann Fabrics or Michael’s.

Get into do-it-yourself projects. There are so many ways that you can save money, when you learn to do things, like repair and hem your own clothing, hang your own wallpaper and mow your own lawn. There’s a YouTube video on how to do just about anything. Consider this the next time you have a home repair or other project that you would normally pay someone else to do.

Another effective Bible storytelling method is to reenact a Bible story using costumes as a means to make Bible truths come alive. Children learn best when they are involved in the story, when they can move around, and participate in the storytelling.

One more very important note, the Barack Obama personality of a Halloween costume figure is as important as the costume itself. You have to believe you are the President. It is a good idea to watch clips online from YouTube, CNN, or any other news source to practice some of his mannerisms. Speak deliberately and be sure to pause ever so often when speaking like Obama. Whenever he approaches a podium he likes to look out to the left and to the right of the crowd as if he were a king looking upon his subjects. If you walk like Obama, speak like Obama, look like Obama, you must be Obama.