2 Helpful Tips To Remember When Selecting Wood Stair Treads


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In addition, spiral stairs can also be used to reach attics or go down to basements. Drop down ladders going into the attic or a wobbly staircase going down to your basement can make your house look like a setting in a horror movie. You can use spiral stairs to improve the appearance and brighten up the look of these areas in your home.

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Despite having a gate it is important for parents to keep a close eye on children around Stair. No safety device outweighs the importance of adult supervision.

If you’re doing a runner installation, usually it’s best to start at the top riser and finish at the bottom riser, or conversely, you can go from top tread to bottom tread; this leaves the top and bottom risers exposed.

If you choose to use stainless steel in your Staircase design, just make sure that whatever you are planning is within your means and ways. Meaning you can afford it and can do it. Working with metal is a lot harder as compared to working with wood. It involves using special equipment and technique to achieve the desired effect. Welding might even be needed.

If you are installing in an older home this can be an important point with new plumbing fixtures, where water demand may be higher. Some vintage tubs are both lengthy and deep and require a goodly amount of water to fill to capacity. Check the specifications of the tub you select against your current water supply.

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