Travel Photography – Choosing The Right Destination For Capturing Great Photos


First of all you must tell a story. Often photographers get home with the perfect image after searching for hours, just to realize that it doesn’t tell the story of their journey.

When editing ruthlessly, create tiers of photos. When I go through my photos, I generally make three (virtual) piles: slideshow material, great memories, and record shots. The “slideshow material” consists of the five best shots per day. The “great memories” are the photos that have sentimental value, but aren’t necessarily ‘great.’ These largely include photos that include my family or Rota Northern Mariana Islands companions. These might also include photos I want to enlarge to hang in my house. Remember, sentimental photos might be full of meaning and emotion for you, but rarely make interesting slideshow material to engage your viewers. Finally, the “record shots” are just that – and this will likely be the largest pile.

Purchase the best travel guide you can afford and find out everything about the locations you will be visiting. Find out about the natural beauty, tourist sites and the culture. Look at the images in the guides and see what the important areas are and what you need to record. Learn about local transportation and distances as well as timing to reach the areas you want to visit. Learn about the culture and find out what you can photograph and what is taboo, what the dress codes are and any local laws or rules. Buy a phrase book and learn some of the key phrases to communicate when photographing. You will be amazed at how this will open doors for you.

The other alternative is for the photographer to sign up with a micro stock photo website. There are a lot of stock photo websites on the internet. It may be hard to choose which one to submit to. But choosing which website to submit a picture to should not be a problem because you can submit any photo to multiple micro stock photo websites.

Yes, I know its vacation and you don’t want to think about schedules. But you do need to think about what is the best time of day to get that photograph. Some shots just look better at dawn while others look better in the early morning or early evening hours.

Select the brand, model and type and then find out the average price you should pay for it. Head to Google, run a keyword check ” Nikon D300 Price in AUD”. This wil bring up many listings which will guide you in the price you should pay for this particular model and type. If buying online, E-bay is reputable but due-diligence is recommended when purchasing anything online.

We are all travel photographers no matter where we go. With inexpensive digital cameras and memory that’s very inexpensive these days. It’s easier than ever to document your travels. You don’t have to worry about rolls and rolls of film and having them developed. You can looks at your photos while you are shooting them to make sure you are capturing all that you want. Your travels are sometimes short and only last at times for no more than a few days. The pictures you take last a lifetime are the memories you have of your travels.