Tips On How To Be Included In Google Search Results


Everyone who has a website needs a program to drive traffic to it. If no one ever sees your website, it might as well not exist. The following internet marketing system steps provide a systematic blueprint on how you can drive traffic to your website in as little as 24 hours. All of the techniques listed are free.

Viability This is basically making sure your site does not have duplicate content of Google Indexing service spider traps where the crawling spider is trapped in a loop make sure you have a clean structure for the spiders to crawl.

If you place their link on your home page, or any other page with a PR of greater than zero, you lose out. Even if your page has a Google PageRank of only 1, THEN YOU LOSE OUT!! They get a share of your PR of 1, and you get a share of their PR of zero!

The most straightforward way to get your website listed in Google is to submit your URL to Google. When you submit to Google directly, you only need to give them your home page URL. Their crawler will find the rest of your web pages. Google adds new sites and updates their list regularly. However, not all submitted URLs are added to their index. Another thing is that even if it were to be included in the Google index, there’s no telling how long it will take for your site to appear there.

Make every page available through a text link. The best way to accomplish this is to create a sitemap. The sitemap would be an html file that contains links to all sections of your site. NOTE: if you happen AddNewURL have more than 30 links in the same page, then create several sitemaps and link to them from a common sitemap file.

The Google Sitemaps program is two-way communication between webmasters and Google. You can give us information about your site so we can index it more effectively, and we can show you how we see your site and tell you about any trouble we’ve had crawling it.

Meanwhile, as you’re waiting for your site to be indexed, you can use the time to submit to other search engines such as MSN and Altavista, find reciprocal links to your website, and create more content. Before you know it, the visitors will start coming in.