The Different Types Of Settings For Your Diamond Ring


When searching for the right diamond, it is essential to remember the 4C’s. The 4C’s of a diamond determines its value and price. The 4C’s include: color, carat, cut, and clarity. Because it is not always easy for shoppers to understand the 4C’s, it is always a wise decision to purchase a diamond ring from a legitimate and credible jeweler. As well, a legitimate jeweler will be able to provide the genuine diamond certification along with the purchase, which will verify the quality of the stone. The price you pay will depend on the quality of the gemstone. Diamonds that are clear with no color, sparkle, do not contain any flaws, and reflect well, will be the most expensive and the highest quality.

If you buy from a cheap store then you cannot identify whether or not it is made to a high quality or a poor quality. If you buy these cheap pieces of jewelry you might quickly regret it when it breaks due to inferior quality. You should spend time to work out what each piece of jewelry is made out of.

Christmas Morn – This is the favorite day for some couples to get engaged. You’ll be spending the day together as it is so why not propose in the gold engagement rings morning and then bask in everyone’s well wishes throughout the day?

There is a good technique to check fake diamonds of cubic zirconia is to see it by placing a newspaper behind the diamond. If it is easy for you to read the fine print, then it’s a fake diamond. A real diamond disperses light so it should not be able to see the impression below it.

2B. A variation: rather than the large gift box, go ahead and give her the tiny jewelry box – with a pair of sparkling diamond earrings. They need not be big diamonds, and you can get a good deal if you shop the same place where you bought your ring. (When we sell a gold anillos de compromiso de oro blanco at Jewels Quest we offer great discounts on any other merchandise the customer might wish to add.) So after you have offered her the earrings and she is excited to try them on, tell her how “those earrings would match beautifully with…” and show her the ring. Double the surprise, you can’t go wrong.

The diamond market that I’ve mentioned isn’t the typical jewelry store that you may be thinking about. The diamond must still go out to the wholesalers. Then retail stores try to find diamonds at wholesale prices so that they can mark the price up even more for consumers to buy. Is this a scam? No. Most stores operate this way. So whether you’re buying a television set or a gold engagement rings, the items trade hands so many times before they’re sold in the consumer market.

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