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You may have heard of WordPress, which is a highly popular open-source software that most Bloggers use to create their blogs. In this article, I am going to share with you how you can use this software to build a small website for your business to market your services or products. The following 5 steps are applicable as long as you use the latest version 3 of WordPress.

Although there are numbers floating around that there are something like forty million WordPress websites, WordPress does a great job at not being noticed. In fact, you’re probably been to many websites and never realized that it was powered by WordPress. A Cynthia looks just like any other website.

Of advice that I can give to anyone who is new to internet marketing. Of course I am just touching on a few things in general without getting too much into detail. There is so much to learn. Yet what a rewarding experience it is to be able to receive a check in the mail for merely sitting at home working on a computer. is a very robust programming application that you can download, load onto your hosting platform, and set up and use as a web site. Thousands of people are doing it.

I have been saying now for the past several months that WordPress sites are the way to go for virtually any kind of website these days. The main reason is it’s free and in most cases the installation is done for you! It could cost you hundred’s even thousand’s of dollars paying a designer to set up a traditional website of your liking. So that alone using WordPress is a great start especially to new comers breaking in on the scene. Even if you are a “do it yourself” kind of person, setting up a traditional website can take weeks or months to accomplish. Let’s face it your time is important and limited in this fast pace I want it now era.

Just like Web Designers and Graphics Designers those who specialize in Optimization and SEO Copywriting have grown very accustomed to the high fees they can charge for this service. Now before you get upset with me if you are such a businessperson, please keep reading.

That’s all you need to do. If you do all 5 steps above once a day, every day you’ll outperform 99% of your competitors in just a couple of months time. Try it out for 100 days and let me know your results.