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Trying to decide between these two may seem confusing, but there are advantages that LED has over Neon that can help make your decision making easier. After all you want the best sign for your buck, right?

Neon lights have been there for more than a century while LED neon lights are the phenomenon of the new century. Neon signs already have a great impression on the millions of their users around the world. And, LED signs are growing in popularity at a fast pace. Comparison between neon and LED is obvious, though it leads to the conclusion that both have their own sets of advantages to offer. Here is a discussion you must go through to learn about the advantages of each one of them.

The list of the top 10 neon signs in this country has many neon signs that are nationally known. Many of them are long gone. They all once brightened a city street. Number one is Boston which had its Schrafftt’s n sign which was a symbol of the company’s candy and chocolate business. Second place on the list went to the “Vegas Vic” sign which was standing tall on the city’s Fremont Strees from 1951 to about 1995 when it was retired.

Hybrid Technology (Hybrid Individual Pixels) is the most advanced technology available for Custom LED signs. Beware of signs manufactured with less advanced Pixel Boards which experience higher costs and longer downtimes when repairs are needed. If a Pixel Board needs to be removed or repaired, the sign may be down for a week at a time and replacement boards cost $350 + labor and shipping costs. Hybrid Technology signs have individual replaceable pixels (instead of the entire sign board). Look for a company that offers replacement pixels for free during the first 5 years that you own the sign. After that, your cost to replace a pixel will be approximately $5.00. Downtime is virtually nonexistent as it does not require a professional and only takes a minute to change out a Hybrid Individual Pixel.

When your company has a sign like this it reaches out and grabs people. Specifically it grabs people that might not have been thinking about buying a car today. Yet when they saw your sign it draws them in. These people can quickly be converted into paying customers by your professional sales team. Today’s car market is absolutely brutal, only the dealerships that “get it” will survive in the next few years.

Customers have the right to choose the establishment and you can’t do anything about it. Instead, you let them choose your establishment among any others. If you have the LED sign brightly glowing outside, people will immediately notice your store before they set eyes to other stores. The bright and glowing sign will lead the customers’ way to your store.

When a company makes a decision to get an electronic display put in front of their business it can often be seen as a costly expense. Signs are marketing, if you see them this way it is not something extra you do, it is something crucial you do for your businesses survival. In one year most businesses can make back the initial investment they have made in new customers and returning customers who are buying products they wouldn’t have bought because of the sign.