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Ever wonder how to eliminate Windows 7 startup problems? Is not it after all quite distressing to have a start up problem on your computer – whether it’s slow in booting up or fails to enter the operating system? There’s absolutely no need to be worried about that since here are some easy tips you can take to fix Windows 7 startup problems immediately.

The overheating problem might cause your computer to turn off in middle or at the time of its startup stage. This may occur if the fans installed in your CPU aren’t working properly especially due to dust related problems.

Turn this option off. If you do find problems by doing this simply turn it back on. The concept is simple. When this is enabled, your system delays booting after you turn your PC on in order to give your hard drive an opportunity to begin spinning first. Turning this off forces the system to function all at once.

Next we did our Facebook page. We used our logo and graphics from our website to tie it together. Obviously this is free. Make sure that you go through the telephone verification to get the more professional URL name. One of the first things you can post are topics from the site. It’s a good way to begin linking both of these. Don’t worry about your LIKES right now. Just make sure it looks like you took time to set this up perfect. It’s fine if you ask your friends and family to LIKE your new website but don’t worry about that number at this time.

The shortcut to this is to locate a few different business brandable checklists and morph them into your own. The drawback to this is that you’re not owning the process so that it will not have as much meaning for you.

A new installation of Windows 7 assigns only required Windows components and services to operate in the startup. The majority of them are critical components which are required to start so as to function Windows 7 correctly and apply certain features like Aero, transparency, themes, etc.. However, the problem arises when you install third party programs which register themselves to run at every Windows startup. Windows 7 hangs on startup because of several such programs & services. Disable most of them which aren’t important to run in the startup.

Are you still facing slow startup issue with Windows 7 after doing these steps? Are you facing any problem in performing these steps or need any assistance? If yes to any question, then immediately contact Microsoft Windows 7 Support.