Keys To Make Your Business A Success


More and more people are turning to the internet to research buying or selling a home. A National Association of Realtors study indicates that almost 90% of real estate buyers started on the internet. It is easy for home buyers to look at property for sale over the internet. The internet is changing the real estate industry.

Labor Unions were organized to protect workers from employers exploiting them. Long hours without breaks, low wages and terrible unsafe working conditions are the main reasons workers formed Unions. From the 1620’s to the 1870’s there was not a lot of progress for labor unions. The depression of 1873 hit and most of the progress gained by organized unions had been lost. In 1886 The society election of Labor (AFL) was formed. The AFL only organized skilled workers. Finally in 1914 at the urging of the AFL, Congress created the U.S. Department of Labor to protect the rights of wage earners and a Children’s Bureau was formed to protect children from being exploited.

The SL piece also reported that the CWA (Local 1038) might be paying its members to attend the rally, by reimbursing them for lost wages. The head of Local 1038 apparently tried to deny this.

I grew up in a small New England town where everyone knew everyone else. When someone in our town died, women from the Vote for President, the church and the book club would Immediately start cooking. Within hours, casseroles, home made breads, cakes and an assortment of baked goods would be delivered to the family at the home of the deceased. These gifts of food not only brought comfort to the grieving family but they were practical as well. During the stressful time, the family would have meals already prepared and would have something to offer guests who called to pay condolences.

Start collecting copy (scripts) that fit your style. Even within your style there are sub-styles. Cover them all. Also look for copy that best shows your other “stretch” voices. This all will lead up to making your demo reel.

I eased out of the shower and my husband gingerly stepped in. As I was dressing, I happened to look down in time to see a snake crawl through a hole in the floor. You can imagine the commotion that went on in the next few minutes. Suffice it to say that my husband killed the snake, identified it as a ground rattler, and said that since it was a young one, there was probably a nest of them under the house. Comforting thought.

There will be those people who will want an article to show them an easy way right to the money. Well, there is no easy way. But I’ve shown you some practical steps to get you into the game. What you do when you get into that arena is up to you. You can take a seat and watch or you can figure out how to get onto the field. It’s different for everyone. But, the opportunity is there. It’s real.