How To Reduce Premature Skin Aging Caused By Sugar In 4 Easy Steps


It is difficult trying to remain a cult icon, a demigod, an Adonis with steely muscles and almost super-human brain powers. Ask Charlie Sheen, any Kardashian-the “real” Reality ones or the ones from Star Trek (those would be “Cardassians”)-“The Rock,” and John Edwards.

Lean protein – Lean protein will also help to make your diet leaner. You should try and eat mostly lean protein, like chicken, fish and lean red meats. And also remember to prepare it the healthy way.

green tea – Recent studies has showed that matcha green tea may help to lower your fat percentage and it might also help you to store less fat. If the taste of green tea is a problem to you, try adding some mint or even lemon.

Doing aerobic exercise either in the morning before consuming anything or after your last meal before bed can quickly enhance fat decrease. I often give this to my online health and fitness customers. Aerobics performed before consuming anything forces the body to use fat for energy as muscle glycogen stores are low. This metabolises fat for fuel.

Sometimes lack of sleep is obvious on our faces, like when you get those dark circles under your eyes. But the long-term effects of insufficient sleep are not so obvious. Most of us are chronically stressed and chronically short of sleep. If you’re not getting eight hours sleep or more each night, you are short of sleep and you’re depriving your skin of recovery time that it needs every day to stay youthful.

The easiest way to do that is to share the commute to work and/or do your grocery shopping with a friend or neighbor. Two commuters halves the price you pay for a ride to work. Three commuters means you only pay a third. Load up those vehicles to really save on money.

F.) And instead of focusing on losing a lot of weight as fast as possible, focus more on doing diets and exercises that will burn off body fat (such as a metabolism boosting diet and the exercises I mentioned above).