How To Make A Sandwich Bag Survival Kit


Here in Arizona, Mexican food doesn’t even count as ethnic food. It’s just part of our everyday dining. With all our options, we don’t have to settle for chains. Arizona’s best Mexican food comes from locally owned restaurants. Here are three of my favorites.

I asked Matt about the name. He told me that a dozen years ago, a group was sitting outside, trying to come up with a name. “Whoa!” is what he wanted motorists to do and “Nellie” rhymes with “deli.” The question I failed to ask is why a restaurant with a very ambitious menu has the modest designation “deli.” It turns out a lot of excellent sandwiches, but so much more!

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It’s so easy for the odd pound to appear out of nowhere. It always happens when you’ve been busy and you’ve rather neglected your diet. A few quick, sweet snacks munched here and there. A rushed kids cooking or bagel as you rush to go and collect the kids. An extra glass of wine just to help you wind down, and hey presto, you find that all your clothes have suddenly become smaller! Unfortunately, it’s not done by magic and losing the weight is not going to be done by magic either.

Opened in 1938, Frances’ prides itself in being Lincoln Park’s oldest deli. Vintage Coke coolers and a mammoth chalkboard advertising spiked-milkshake flavors hint at the eatery’s history all while unique touches such as a colorful wall mural that spells Chicago”-and sneakily embeds scenes from the city inside each letter-give the two-room lunch Egg bread sandwich spot its neighborly charm.

Flavoring food with spices is as old as eating and since humans have taste buds as well as a need to eat, have long sought ways to make eating as much an art as a way to achieve sustenance. Over time, we’ve discovered some pretty amazing combinations of taste. All across the globe, dishes, spices, and tastes differ, and the good news is, you can try them all. If you want to add flair to the family menu, try some Shichimi Togarashi with your rice (Japan), a bit of Garam Masala with your curry (India), or Herbes de Provence on your roast (France).

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