How To Get Started Playing The Guitar In Your Spare Time


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Many guitarists never use a metronome, but it’s a great way to monitor your progress especially for building speed. By making sure you play cleanly, you can build speed without getting sloppy. Many solos are too fast to play instantly, so you need to practice slowly and speed it up while remain accurate. Metronomes also help your sense of time especially for when you start playing in a band with a drummer. It’s amazing how you will tend to rush the beat unless you’ve practiced with a metronome consistently.

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You can start experimenting after you have done recording your chords by play lead riffs over your recorded chords and find the best fit notes. You should have such good routine practices regularly following up with your online lead guitar lessons. Ask any of the guitar player pros out there and they will tell you experimenting is as important as what your guitar lessons are. You will be to be experimental in be able to create your own style of playing.

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