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In the older times also, the trend of counseling was there. But, at that time it was done by the elders in the family. And today, it is done by counselors, who are pros in this field. It is done to help couples to overcome the difficulties in their relationship. They offer them advice and solutions which help them to strengthen their relationship.

There are family counselling singapore offered for couples before they get married. This helps them to decide if they do want to get married to each other or not. It can be a great way to work through possible problems that could have a serious effect on the quality of that marriage as well. There are services that you go to as a couple only or that you will attend with several other couples at once. There are benefits of each method. couples counselling with just the two of you allows you to really open up and to focus on your needs as a couple. When you have other couples around, you may be less likely to express yourself. However, it can also help to see that you are not the only couple that needs some assistance with your marriage.

A way to be sure, is to run a reverse phone lookup. Look at his phone and see if you can identify a number that he keeps calling or sending or receiving text messages and that is not from one of his friends or family.

This is part of a comment I received on my last post series about ways to connect with your spouse by rewinding things in the relationship a bit. I appreciate and welcome all opinions. In this case, I wanted to take a closer look at the issue being raised and get some feedback from other readers if possible.

Anger and stress management: Do you often find yourself in situations where things go wrong because you were not able to control your anger? Do you get stressed easily? If yes, then you are not alone. There are many others who face the same problem. Again, psychotherapy can be the solution to your problems.

This is an extremely challenging issue, yet in my experience it CAN be worked through. The process is a slow one, usually taking months or even years. It’s tough, no question, yet it’s NOT impossible.

The role of the counsellor in relationship counselling is that of facilitator. He or she is not a judge and does not do the actual work, that’s down to the couple. The counsellor is there to facilitate the couple to understand what the real issues are, where they come from and what needs to be changed if the relationship is to be improved. But the work itself is done by the couple.