Five Free Eco-Friendly Places To Take Kids During The Summer


Years ago it would have been quite strange to see dogs strutting around town with tee shirts, jackets, jerseys, and even blue jeans. To some this may still seem strange. However, many people who share their lives with a canine companion know that this is normal. Pets have become like children to many pet owners. It has become quite normal to see a dog dressed better than a person. Dog owners can even buy diamonds for their furry friends.

This shop is somewhat similar to Goodwill, at least in appearance. Thrift Town does not take personal donations but works with non-profit charities who do to sell the goods they receive and gives a portion of profits to these charities. The items you may find in the store are generally priced $5-$10 per item, but often more name-brand items are found here than at Goodwill.

How much are we talking about? That depends on a lot of factors. I can talk about what would be normal for my area. I live in a medium-size town in the mid-west. The typical preschool is 2 1/2 hours per day. You could have a morning class from 9:00-11:30 and an afternoon class from 12:30-3:00. You could have 8 children in each class for a total of 16 children per day. You could charge $15 per day, five days per week which would make $75 per week per child. This is $300 per child per month. If you have 16 children paying $300 per month, you will be making $4,800 per month.

She took the top off the bookcase and kept the bottom part as a TV stand. Then she found a nice long glass and brass console table at a Dallas resale shop. With those “anchors” in place, she decided where to place the shelves using blue painter’s tape. The shelves themselves (no rhyme intended!) were found at Pottery Barn Kids, of all places, and they were on clearance!

Remember, you are buying at a huge discount. If a piece does not fit quite right, but is otherwise perfect for you, buy it and splurge on alterations – you’ll likely still come out ahead money wise.

Idea #1: Look at your families financial situation closely. Even if your family is not struggling to make ends meet now, you might be soon. No one is immune from losing their job so take an extra look at ways you can save money before you are in a dire situation.

The idea is to create an atmosphere where your potential buyers can easily envision themselves living in your home. Your house is your best investment. Show it off to its best advantage and you will reap the greatest financial reward.