Asphalt Paving For Driveways And Parking Lots – The Asphalt Promised Land


It sits on the side of the curvy highway, a huge grey boulder, seeming to be a permanent landmark of this highway. As large as it is, you figure it’s been there for centuries. Or perhaps it’s a small flat stone in the driveway of your yard. You wonder where it came from and how old it is. These rocks are both of different sizes and varieties but both produce curiosity.

Before you hire an residential paving contractors and maintenance company, you want to make sure they are good standing and well respected within your community. There are a few different ways to check this and the first one would be to get references. The more recent the references are, the better. Actually call the contact numbers and speak with the people. Find out how they liked the paving job and how long it took.

By adding sub base material and keeping the surface as level as possible, you will already have the sub base built for the paving man. In many areas of the US a material called blue stone screenings is available. This material is actually finely crushed granite and comes in three colors. Blue which will turn a darker blue when wet as time passes. Red that will also turn a lighter blue over time and yellow which stays yellow tinted forever. Once graded, this material becomes as hard as concrete on a driveway. I have seen blue stone screening surfaces snow plowed winter after winter without any plowing damage. A new dusting every few years maintains the crisp color and in-fills any depressions that may have developed. This makes a super sub-base for finished asphalt.

That said, ensure the zip wire is manufactured and installed correctly and it should be perfectly safe. I don’t recommend buying a second-hand zip wire unless you are sure it’s in good condition.

First thing you should paving contractors do is to clear the area. Take out all of the plants, weeds and other obstructions on the area you are wanting to install your patio.

Paving roads means causing traffic problems, so having a well planned job will be key. When you are repaving roads or repairing roads you will have them same issue with the planning. Another thing you will have to plan for is the thickness at which you will lay the material down. If lay too much asphalt it will were much more quickly and if you lay to little asphalt then you won’t solve the problem you were trying to fix, which is often ruts or potholes. The key as with anything else is planning to secure the right outcome of your project.

Garden paving materials can cost you quite a lot so preparation should start early on your part. Plan and design your paving early to see if the materials you have chosen go on sale. It is also advisable to buy everything from your local stores, as the delivery will cost you less. Suppliers of these types of materials normally charge by weight.