Are You Addicted To Video Games?


Everyone knows that Ra.One is super hero flick and expecting some slick super hero antics is obviously not wrong. But Shah Rukh Khan negates the obvious and plays a super hero with a H.A.R.T and an emotional one at that, he can shake a booty to chammak challo, woo the leading lady, quote Gita and has a sense of humour too! Imagine all that in a character straight out of your gaming console – and you’ll fall back to the conclusion that it’s a Bollywood flick with SRK written all over it!

So if you dare to role play using online role playing games then read on further. You need a good computer set up including a good monitor, integrated speakers for great sound and a fast, active internet connection. Dial up will be too slow for most Sa gaming situations. Then you can check out what it is like to be a warlock, vampire or elf. Maybe you are a shy person and would like to be a prom queen for a while or vice-versa. Basically there are role playing games on anything to tempt your taste buds. Just check the rating on the games as some games are rated for teens and older whilst other games are rated for most ages. Parents, just keep an eye out on what your children are playing.

Looking for them on the net by just enjoying online games you can locate these are several and far among. Many of the types that do pop up online are inclined not to last way too lengthy on account of the insults or place downs they obtain from some male avid gamers. Several undesirable apples destroy it to the relaxation of us.

Call in sick, bid the family a temporary farewell, and kick your shoes off as you embark on your personal journey of escape. However everyone’s master relaxation plan is different. A few of my favorite ideas?

First, a big problem that many online players have is connectivity issues. If you are using a slow Internet connection, or taxing your connection by trying to do too many things at once, you could find yourself disconnecting from your poker table often. That cause two major problems.

Microsoft has been extremely quiet this year concerning what consumers can expect for the future of the Xbox 360. This could mean one of two things. Either it doesn’t have much to talk about, or it’s holding on, as tightly as it can, to info that will blow the socks off 360 fans.

Many of the online games are free. Thus easy on pocket these games also are one of the best ways to be creative in your free time. Not only are you competing, but also practicing and training your hand and eyes co-ordination. It also improves your thinking speed and decision making ability.