5 Face Cleansing Tips For Getting Rid Of Acne


Tea tree oil is also known as melaleuca oil, an active antifungal, antiseptic and antibacterial herbal remedy that promotes healthy skin thus helping to get rid of scars naturally. Just one drop of this powerful oil can do wonders on your overall health. It stimulates cell renewal thus making it easy for skin rejuvenation which boosts healthy looking skin.

In this day and age we know going green and adapting to the change of using eco friendly products is a good idea. If you knew the cleaning products you buy could be hazardous to your health and the environment wouldn’t you want change to a healthier non hazardous product? There is no doubt that we have to start doing something and it should not cost anymore to make the change, don’t you agree? So if all these things are to be true what would stop you from making changes for our environment?

Adding tea tree oil to your regular skin care routine of washing, moisturizing, and exfoliation is the best natural cure for acne, and it won’t cost you a lot.

This oil is an excellent natural remedy for bacterial and fungal skin ailments. These ailments include acne, abscess, oily skin, blisters, sun burns and other minor wounds and irritations. In this article we will learn how tea tree oil can be used as a natural acne solution for curing acne.

The tea-tree-oil.eu/nl/ formal should be applied on infected toenails at least twice in a day. You should use cotton wool swabs and apply it in all the infected areas; you should allow it to dry before you leave the house. After taking a shower can be the right time to apply the formula. It works well on clean feet because they can absorb it properly.

You can use mask of tea tree for your skin. Take natural green clay powder and add few drops of tea tree oil, now add enough water to make a thick paste. Apply this paste for thirty minutes on face. If you want of treat pimples, leave the mask over night. You can apply this mask once or twice a week.

The tea tree is a plant found in a specific region of Australia. The oil is pressed out of the leaves of the plant. The people indigenous to Australia used it for many years as for various medical purposes. The oil itself is a faint clear to gold color and has a very unique smell. The special characteristics of the oil are what make it beneficial for skin products. The oil has natural anti-fungal, anti-septic and anti-bacterial properties. It is known to destroy certain bacteria that live on our skin. For our purposes this means less bacteria that can infect comedones and cause acne. The products that you can find on the market contain 5% to 10% tea tree oil in dilution because the stronger concentrations can aggravate the skin and cause irritation.

Okay you can clear up your acne symptoms, stop a toothache even take care of congestion in the lungs with tea tree oil. But what you need to ask is does the oil treat the causes of acne, treating the symptoms of acne is not the same as curing the cause of your acne. The facts are if you want to be rid of your acne you need to treat the whole complete body, so what do you do….